Multi-instrumentalist, psychedelic enthusiast, and self-proclaimed cult classic Jude Shuma is a proud native of Chicago IL. Raised on the city’s outskirts, Jude has been on a one-way street since birth. His voice and personality blends seamlessly with washed-out melodies and songs that invites the audience bask in a certain warmth like a late Summer’s day.

Upon finding a guitar underneath his parent’s bed, he began writing songs at the age of 15. Shortly thereafter he was gifted the most important item of his life: a Boss 8 track digital recorder. 

Fast-forward twelve years, and we have Jude’s debut EP, Afternoonified, a collection of tunes drenched in swirling reverberation and gritty tape echo. Recorded and mixed in his tiny home studio in Wicker Park, Afternoonified gives us brief insight into his convoluted brain space. 

After holding onto the master recordings for months, Jude was convinced to release the music at the urging of a friend. Weeks later, one of the songs had already found it’s way onto the new HBO series, Ballers. With follow-ups on the way, and a variety of sonic exploration on the horizon, it’s safe to say Jude Shuma’s odyssey is only just beginning.